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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Ingrid Hedbor

We were introduced to Ingrid through a trusted local Vermont friend and what an absolute gift it was to have her as our realtor! The housing market in Vermont is hot, and she suggested we get a pre-approval before looking and do most of our own searching based on our criteria and make a list of those we wanted to try and see. This was paramount. We were driving in from Chicago and had 3 days only to look, and covered a good area of the state. Properties were moving so fast from listing to contract. Ingrid was super communicative and set up our days with plenty of time for viewing and traveling between each listing. The days were relaxed and beautiful even in the rain, some of them. She took the time to explore some big properties along side us, gifting us with tons of information about local areas and Vermont long with way and just great conversation otherwise. Ingrid provided us a local lender who was also a pleasure to work with, an inspector we loved and immediately felt comfortable with, and even did a Facetime call during his inspection so we could join from Chicago. And, she hooked us up with our closing attorney who made an online closing super simple. We wholeheartedly recommend Ingrid to anyone looking to buy a home in Vermont. Her expertise of her years of living in Vermont and her attentiveness listening to our specific wants and needs helped our dreams become a reality.

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Evan Potvin

Evan is an exceptional resource and he was an invaluable resource in helping us navigate the purchase of our new home. Evan’s knowledge of the area, local professionals and market trends was refreshing. He was able to navigate us through three unique offers and was able to handle each one as the situation demanded until we were able to reach an agreement on our, now, home. He was a constant throughout the process; working with our lender, lawyers, inspectors and appraiser when needed to facilitate or expedite when necessary. You could not ask for a stronger progressional to work with you in navigating a home purchase.

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Carla Langlois

Carla was very knowledgeable and handled everything. She made the process very easy. I strongly recommend her.

Jayson Purvis

Jayson Purvis helped us to both sell and buy our home. He is knowledgeable, diligent, and responsive. While letting us lead the way in our home search, he was right beside us to answer any of our questions or concerns. Jayson was able to confidently sell our home and have us close on our new home on the same day. This was important to us and Jayson made sure it would happen. Jayson made every part of this important milestone in our lives enjoyable and stress free.

Alex LaVigne

Alex was great to work with on our recent purchase of a duplex. He was attentive to our needs from the first time we spoke regarding the property. He was responsive and had our best interest through the whole process. It was comforting having a realtor who we knew we could reach out to with all of our questions and also who continued to advocate for us. He was knowledgeable and made himself available.

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Anne Rosenberger

We did a very slow and distant (from 1,000 miles away) search, leaning on Anne to give us essentially any information that wasn't in a listing. She did that with aplomb, first spending time with us to get an idea of the range of properties we were looking for and the styles that interested us, and then making sure that we were aware when a property that fit those ideas came onto the market. Anne was more than happy to respond to our queries via email or text even over a period of months, and always she dealt with our distant negotiations both on the house we ended up purchasing, and some others we considered or made offers on, with levelheaded professionalism. Anne was also able to use contractor connections in order to give us ideas on renovation costs, with little lead time, on several occasions. Thanks so much, Anne! We love our new (old) house!

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Nancy Willette

Nancy was referred to us by our nephew to assist us in making our move from Virginia to Vermont. It was without a doubt the best referral we could have received. Nancy is not only a really nice person but I found her to be incredibly knowledgeable about the area and real estate in general. She was always responsive to any inquiry I had and resolved any issues that arose with thoroughness and professionalism. I have worked in the real estate field as a paralegal for 40+ years and can unequivocally say that Nancy Willette is one of the best realtors I have met and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Franz Rosenberger

Franz was a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond, helping us resolve unexpected issues.Using his knowledge of the area and personal/professional connections he was able to quickly resolve a number of stumbling blocks and was always available to update us as we went through the selling process. This was particularly helpful as a non- resident selling a second home.

Ingrid Hedbor

Ingrid is a warm and friendly agent, her quick responses have been so helpful and so important during the unfortunate Covid lockdown RE Market. Always personable, thoughtful, &enjoyable (!) to be around. She is extremely knowledgable of homes available, facts regarding homes we looked at, knowledge of the Champlain Island's life style, island info & facts, as well as the surrounding areas.

Beverly Noble

Beverly did a great job partnering with me through the 10-month journey to buy a lakefront house in the Lake Champlain Islands. She went out of her way on many occasions to help me with my home search, checking out countless properties and offering her insight and property analysis. The process was complicated because I was still living in New Jersey and so I was doing the search long distance, but given her responsiveness that wasn't a problem. To facilitate my search, for example, she even went to a new listing in early winter and literally walked me through the property while on her cell phone. She was easy to work with and discuss properties. She brought a special insight given her background in carpentry and construction. She was personable and put up with all my requests and idiosyncrasies. Most important, I trusted her with my investment (both emotional and financial) and she cared about my interests and cared about doing a good job for me. She was a relatively new realtor, but her diligence and her great attitude for investing her time and making the effort to get the job done for me and caring about my wishes, overcame any issues from being a new realtor. I trusted Beverly, who really cared about me as her client and the fiduciary realty relationship. I would choose Beverly over any "experienced" realtor who is just interested in their commission. I didn't need a high-powered realtor that would appear to be a whiz at the contract or purchase process. I had enough bad experiences with such realtors. I would recommend Beverly to you, as she will care about helping you find your special place in Vermont.

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