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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

John did an outstanding job! From the beginning to gathering "comps", explaining differences, pointing out items that should be dealt with prior to the sale to handling all the paper work doing the sales process. He held several open houses which were successful due to prior advertising. The house sold as soon as he predicted it would and we got the asking price! A true professional.

We were very happy with our experience with John in selling our first house. He is very down to earth and great to work with. John had a great balance of providing advice when needed, but never being pushy. He listened to all our concerns and was very helpful in the entire process. We would  recommend John to anyone selling (or buying) their house.

John did a great job all the way through the process of selling both my properties. John was always available to answer questions and when the negotiations started was very good at working back and forth so we could get the best price for our home.

John was great to work with - he was very personable and helpful throughout the process of buying a home for the first time. He was quick to respond to any questions I had, and did a great job handling the negotiations. I'd definitely recommend John to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the  area.

Ms. Rosenberger is outstanding and went above and beyond throughout the entire home purchase process. I was a first-time home buyer who had a seemingly continuous flow of questions, which were answered promptly, consistently and honestly. I never felt pressured into making a decision I wasn't comfortable with and was provided with all of the information that I felt I needed to make informed decisions. Anne was key in helping me understand some of the requirements and interim deadlines that were not necessarily obvious for an individual that had not gone through the home-buying process previously. I leveraged Anne's local knowledge numerous times, which worked out very well in each instance. There were never any situations where I did not think I was provided with an honest assessment and all of the information that I had requested. Finally, Anne has continued to assist and provide guidance along with high quality recommendations for local services and businesses post closing, which had made the transition from out-of-state much easier and less stressful. I will always be grateful for her assistance. I have and will continue to recommend Anne and Island Realty to my family and friends. Thanks again Anne!

One word exemplifies Ms. Anne, FANTASTIC! Not only did I put her through seeing 7-10 homes in a span of about 2 weeks, I also marched through 3 homes, put her through the inspection process and she did it with a smile and looked at me throughout the entire time, and said, I am not happy until you are happy€. And she truly means it! Anne is a delight and the person you want by your side when making this very important decision of buying a home. I raise my glass to Ms. A. She is truly your ideal partner.

Beverly did a great job partnering with me through the 10-month journey to buy a lakefront house in the Lake Champlain Islands. She went out of her way on many occasions to help me with my home search, checking out countless properties and offering her insight and property analysis. The process was complicated because I was still living in New Jersey and so I was doing the search long distance, but given her responsiveness that wasn't a problem. To facilitate my search, for example, she even went to a new listing in early winter and literally walked me through the property while on her cell phone. She was easy to work with and discuss properties. She brought a special insight given her background in carpentry and construction. She was personable and put up with all my requests and idiosyncrasies. Most important, I trusted her with my investment (both emotional and financial) and she cared about my interests and cared about doing a good job for me. She was a relatively new realtor, but her diligence and her great attitude for investing her time and making the effort to get the job done for me and caring about my wishes, overcame any issues from being a new realtor. I trusted Beverly, who really cared about me as her client and the fiduciary realty relationship. I would choose Beverly over any "experienced" realtor who is just interested in their commission. I didn't need a high-powered realtor that would appear to be a whiz at the contract or purchase process. I had enough bad experiences with such realtors. I would recommend Beverly to you, as she will care about helping you find your special place in Vermont.

Bev Noble was a great realtor . She was extremely responsive and worked very hard for us. I would highly recommend Bev.

Jayson was so great to work with! He is very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. He is easy to get in touch with and very responsive. He does great follow up work and follows through with everything that was discussed. Jayson is a highly motivated person and will provide you with nothing short of your 100% satisfaction!

Jayson was a pleasure to work with. He listened to our needs, provided immediately help and guidance during the purchasing process, and was forthcoming with the pros and cons, that may turn into barriers of a potential purchased property. I would definitely recommend Jayson as an agent to serve your needs.

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