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Festive Holiday Events in the Champlain Islands

Step into the holiday season with these remarkable local events—an opportunity to celebrate and actively uplift our community. As we immerse ourselves in the festivities, let's rally behind our local businesses, farmers, and artisans. Embrace the ethos of shopping small and sustaining our community's economy by keeping our dollars close to home. Keep reading to learn more about these joyful traditions in the Lake Champlain Islands of Vermont.

Holiday Hoopla at Coldwell Banker Islands Realty 

Our office is hosting a festive celebration open to the community with a free wreath giveaway, Polaroid Pictures with Santa, and an incredible Cookie and Hot cocoa bar from Let’s Pretend catering. The event is at our Coldwell Banker Islands Realty office in South Hero on December 2nd from 10 am to 1 pm.   

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Holiday Markets at Viva Marketplace 

Viva Marketplace will be reopening its doors and hosting two holiday markets with an array of unique gifts on the Saturdays of the first and second week of December. These will run from 11 am to 5 pm in South Hero, Vermont. 

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Champlain Islands Christmas Parade

The annual Christmas parade will occur on December 2nd, starting at 5 pm in South Hero! It will kick off at the Community Health Center on U.S. 2, wind its way to South Street, and conclude at the Folsom School parking lot. Enjoy food trucks from El Gato Cantina and Pizza at the Folsom School lot after the parade. It's a free, fun-filled celebration for all! 

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Alburgh Fire Department's Craft Fair & Cupcake Walk

Mark your calendars for the annual Alburgh Volunteer Fire Department’s Craft Fair on December 2nd, from 10 am to 3 pm. They will have various vendors, food and drink, a Christmas raffle, and a pie and cupcake walk.  The event is located at the Alburgh Fire Department Hall. 

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Grand Isle Craft Fair 

The Grand Isle Craft Fair will return with over 35 local vendors this year at Grand Isle Elementary School. Stop by to shop from 9 am to 3 pm on December 2nd. There will also be a raffle table with local goods! 

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Holiday Makers Market @ Kraemer and Kin 

Kraemer & Kin will be hosting multiple Maker's Markets throughout December. Saturdays from 3 pm to 8 pm and Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm at their tasting room at Alburgh Golf Links. There will be local makers, growers, and artisans. They will also have live music, food, and their local beers at every market gathering.

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Indoor Winter Farmers Market 

You can find the Champlain Islands Farmers Market at their indoor winter market location on the first three Saturdays of December from 10 am to 2 pm at the South Hero Congregational Church. They will have local food, fresh veggies, & handmade goods and more. 

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From enchanting local holiday markets to heartwarming gatherings, these festive happenings infuse the islands with a contagious sense of cheer and camaraderie. We hope this guide inspires you to join in on these joyful community events and embrace this season's magic in the Lake Champlain Islands.


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Real Estate Market Trends In Grand Isle County: October 2023

October 2023 Real Estate Market Trends In Grand Isle County

As we head through November, it's time for a detailed exploration of the Grand Isle County real estate trends in our local community. We are experiencing a seasonal slow down which is expected for the Vermont real estate market. October has brought forth intriguing shifts in the market, and Coldwell Banker Islands Realty here to guide you through the key statistics, offering insights for both buyers and sellers.

Median Sales Price: Setting New Heights

October has unfurled a remarkable surge in the Median Sales Price, reaching $690,000. This not only signifies a substantial 70% increase from the previous month but also marks a staggering 77% uptick from October 2022. For sellers, this indicates a robust market, showcasing the potential for favorable returns on property investments. Buyers, it highlights the need for strategic considerations and, perhaps, a prompt response to secure desired properties in a competitive landscape.

Closed Sales: A Quiescent Phase

While Closed Sales have experienced a 33% decrease from the previous month and a 41% decline from October 2022, it's important to recognize that market fluctuations are inherent. Sellers may need to be patient, ensuring that their pricing strategies align with the current dynamics. Buyers, on the other hand, may find themselves in a market that allows for more thoughtful decision-making and negotiation.

List Price Received: Navigating the Negotiation Waters

At 98%, the List Price Received metric demonstrates a slight uptick of 0.8% from the previous month. Sellers, this emphasizes the importance of accurate pricing strategies to maximize returns. For buyers, it's a reminder to approach negotiations diligently, leveraging market conditions to secure favorable terms.

Active Inventory: A Closer Look at Market Dynamics

The Active Inventory, currently standing at 30, reflects a 3.2% decrease from the previous month but marks a notable 36% increase from October 2022. This metric plays a crucial role for both buyers and sellers. For sellers, understanding the inventory landscape aids in setting competitive prices. Buyers benefit by gauging the availability of options and potential negotiation power.

Months Supply of Inventory: Balancing Act

With a Months Supply of Inventory at 3, there's been a 45% increase from the previous month and a striking 131% surge from October 2022. Sellers, this may suggest a market that is becoming more balanced. Buyers, take note of the increased supply, offering you more choices and potentially influencing negotiations.

Seasonal Slowdown: Embracing Market Dynamics

In the midst of these compelling metrics, it's crucial to acknowledge the influence of the seasonal ebb and flow of the Vermont real estate landscape. As the leaves change color and the temperatures dip, the market is exhibiting a characteristic seasonal slowdown. This is a natural rhythm in real estate, where activities tend to moderate as we transition into the cooler months. Sellers, this could mean a period of patience and strategic planning. Buyers, on the other hand, may find this slowdown to be an opportune moment for thoughtful consideration and negotiations. As we navigate this seasonal shift, rest assured that these market dynamics are part of the broader tapestry, and CBIR Realtors are here to provide guidance tailored to the unique nuances of the Grand Isle County real estate market.

In conclusion, these metrics, combined with an understanding of the seasonal slowdown, paint a comprehensive picture of the Grand Isle County real estate market in October. For both buyers and sellers, staying informed about these trends and recognizing the seasonal patterns is paramount. As your dedicated real estate guide, our Realtors are here to help you navigate these waters, making informed decisions tailored to your unique needs.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you'd like a more personalized analysis. Until then, here's to a smooth transition through the seasonal currents in the Grand Isle County real estate market!


NVRA 2023 "Share The Warmth" Drive Update

We have officially wrapped up the Northwest Vermont Realtor Association's 2023 Share the Warmth Drive. Over 950 items donated were delivered to Spectrum Youth & Family Services. We surpassed our 500-item goal by a mile! We are so grateful to our local Champlain Islands community, who dropped off items to help us reach this goal. Thank you for your generous donations! 

About Spectrum Youth & Family Services: 

Spectrum Youth & Family Services is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization with programs for youth and their families in the Burlington and St. Albans areas. Founded in 1970, Spectrum is a nationally recognized leader in helping youth ages 12-26 and their families turn their lives around. Each year, we serve 1,200 teenagers, young adults, and their family members.



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CBIR Welcomes New Agent, Alex Rosenberger

Vermont Real Estate Agent, Alex RosenbergerColdwell Banker Islands Realty is pleased to announce that marketing associate, Alex Rosenberger, has become a licensed Realtor. Congratulations, Alex, on this achievement! Learn more about Alex below. 

Possessing a Bachelor's Degree in Public Communication from the University of Vermont, Alex followed in the footsteps of her Realtor parents and joined Coldwell Banker Islands Realty as a Marketing Associate and Realtor. Alex exhibits a great understanding of the Northwest Vermont region. She has lived in the Greater Burlington area for over seven years and focuses on the Chittenden County market. Her knowledge also extends to the Grand Isle County area, where she grew up on the shores of Lake Champlain. 

In her marketing associate role, Alex curates digital content for Coldwell Banker Islands Realty's social media platforms and website. Her innovative spirit continuously conjures fresh and imaginative strategies to showcase the local real estate scene. Notably, she's also a certified FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot, enabling her to capture aerial footage that captures the essence of the unique homes in our market.

Beyond her professional life, Alex cherishes her time outdoors. You can find her skiing in the Green Mountains or running and biking along Lake Champlain's shores during warmer months. She resides in Burlington, Vermont, alongside her partner, Rooney and their canine companion, Remi.

Alex is always happy to educate folks about the area that she is passionate about and will keep you informed about local housing market information. She would love to have the opportunity to assist you in your journey to becoming a Vermont homeowner.

Get in touch with Realtor, Alex Rosenberger.


Hidden Home: Charming Stone Residence

November’s Hidden Home is an iconic stone home located in Isle La Motte. The home was built in 1829 with limestone from the Fisk Quarry and includes 4.4 acres with extensive gardens. The current owners completed extensive renovations to the property that respect the original features of the home while modernizing it for comfortable year-round living.

This home is currently for sale. Learn more

Watch to see the interior and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more Hidden Vermont Homes! 

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