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How to Achieve Curb Appeal at Little to No Cost

night photography of a vermont house

First impressions are everything and the exterior of a home can set the tone for a potential buyer. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, spend some time boosting your homes curb appeal. Making these small changes can have a big impact in the eyes of home buyers. 

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1. Maintain your landscaping

Make sure to regularly prune any shrubs against and around your home. As they become overgrown they can block your windows and can take away from its street appearance. Additionally, this will put your windows on display and allow more natural light to shine through. Another tip is to keep an eye on the landscaping leading up to the house. Dig out or cut back any species that might be overflowing onto your walkway. 

driveway with shrubs and trees

2.  Hide Unnecessary Clutter

An easy way to spruce up your front yard is to remove items that are not necessarily meant to be on display. Relocate your gadgets and equipment such as any tools, lawnmowers, or toys that may be laying around in plain sight.

front porch with stone steps

3. Clean your Gutters

While cleaning your gutters may be a dreaded chore, it is necessary. Not only is it important to clean them for the exterior, but also for general maintenance.

window flower boxes on porch

4. Freshen up your Front Door

 Throw a fresh coat of paint on your front door to drastically improve the appeal of your home from a distance. Maintenance is often required with painted doors, so whether you are touching up an existing color or you are introducing a vibrant new hue both will achieve a sought after exterior appearance. 

fall decor for your home

5. Add Finishing Touches

These can be as simple as hanging a seasonal wreath on your front door or maybe it's just throwing a couple of planters onto the front porch or the steps. Other ideas are to buy new house numbers, or add solar lights to your walkway. 

Now you have five easy and affordable ways to spruce up the exterior of your home to get it ready to sell! If you would like a professional opinion of ways to improve your home please contact us for a personal home consultation with no cost or obligation.

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