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Island Insights: Top 3 Real Estate Tech Trends

In the past year, the reliance on technology has increased immensely and the real estate industry is no exception to this dependence. Incorporating cutting edge tech trends such as drone photography, virtual tours, and HDR photography into a home's marketing plan will ensure that your home gets noticed fast. 

1. Drone Photo and Video

Aerial photography is changing the real estate game! Drone photography is crucial to fully capture unique lakefront homes. According to MLS, Homes with aerial photos sold 68% faster. Whether it's a waterfront home or a unique inland property, aerial shots ensure that your home will get noticed. 

2. Virtual Home Tours

Popularity among home tour videos has increased immensely due to buyers not being able to physically go to showings. Walkthrough virtual tours give buyers detailed information about the property to give you a realistic layout of the space and offerings. This also allows buyers to preview multiple homes in a short amount of time to decipher which homes they would like to go see in person. 

HDR Real Estate Photography

3. HDR Photography 

High Dynamic Range photography is a technique that involves shooting multiple images of the same scene at different exposure values and then merging them together to create a seamless scene. Photos are the first impression of your home so it is paramount to have great images that capture the character, main features, and layout of your home. This, coupled with light editing, makes homes stand out online while maintaining its true depiction!

Every home is unique and the marketing efforts must reflect that. At CBIR, we stay on top of the latest real estate trends and create a personalized marketing plan to ensure that your home stands out. Learn more about our 360 Marketing Plan

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