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The Ultimate Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

ultimate fall home maintenance checklist

 As the cold weather sets in, you should take several steps to prepare your home correctly. Doing routine home maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs as well as prepare and budget for updates that might be needed. Save yourself the headache in the spring, and take the steps below to winterize your home.

1. Seal cracks around windows and doors.

This will help prevent drafts and keep the heat shut inside.

2. Clean your gutters.

Cleaning your gutters every fall has numerous benefits. This task prevents water damage and rot, a place for pests to nest, plus it helps the overall lifespan of your roof and foundation. 

3. Inspect your roof.

Make sure to examine your roof. Look for any damage such as missing shingles or cracks and get them repaired before the snow falls. If you ignore these issues, the harsh winter months could exacerbate what was once minor damage. 

4. Trim trees and bushes.

Cut back any overgrown bushes or large unsteady branches that could break off near the roof or home. 

5. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

To make sure these detectors are working properly, take the time to check the function and replace the batteries if need be.

6. Have your chimney or fireplace serviced.

Before the cool weather arrives, it is best to have your chimney and fireplace cleaned before running. Not only is this good fire safety practice, it will clear out any critters that may have found their way in.

7. Remove window screens and screen doors.

This will help the longevity of your screens. Also, consider installing storm windows and doors. 

8. Winterize summer power equipment.

Store away the lawn mower and bring out your snowblower. While you are doing this, test out your winter equipment to make sure there are no issues before the first snowfall. 

9. Cover or store away outdoor furniture.

You most likely will not be using your hammock so, to protect your outdoor furniture from the winter elements we recommend covering them or storing them away. 

10. Shut off faucets and drain hoses or sprinklers.

If there is any access water in the faucet or hose it will freeze and possibly burst causing more damage. Ensure that the water is shut off and put away any hoses to prevent this.

For more home maintenance tips or advice on what to do before you list this fall, get in touch with a Coldwell Banker Islands Realty Agent.

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