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Island Insights: Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

The days are getting longer and the weather is starting to warm up. Which means it's time to come out of hibernation and assess the toll the winter weather had on your home. Here are a few home maintenance tips to consider each spring season:

1. Visit the Attic and Basement

Take a trip down to your basement and up to your attic and do a visual inspection for mold or moisture build-up. Keep an eye out  for any evidence of critters that may have made themselves at home over the winter. If you spot any issues that require further inspection, consider hiring a professional to assess the damage and the best plan of attack.

2. Inspect your Roof & Siding

Take a look at the roof to see if there are any missing or damaged shingles. Also, check the flashing on your chimney and skylights. Inspect your siding and look for any cracks, warping, rot and pest invasion. There could be underlying problems that could lead to damage inside your home so it's best to get a professional opinion if you’re unsure. 

3. Service your furnace and AC Unit

Ask a professional to clean and service your outside air conditioning system. On top of that, it's important to check the furnace and have it maintenanced. This is critical especially after a long winter of heating your home to make sure it is in tip top shape the next time you need it.  

4. Spruce up Landscaping

Give your landscaping some TLC. Dig out or cut back any species that might be overflowing onto your walkway or driveway, and/or blocking any windows. Take this time to also give your garden a facelift and start planning those planting projects!

5. Examine Driveways and Walkways

Look for cracks, potholes, or divots in your driveway and walkways and get them repaired. Smaller cracks are usually easier and less costly to repair, so take care of these once they are visible. If you have a dirt driveway, make sure to fill in any potholes and regrade with a fresh layer of gravel each spring.

Looking for more home maintenance tips for Spring? Read the rest of the checklist here.

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