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Three Viral Videos From 2022

One of our main marketing channels at Coldwell Banker Islands Realty is social media. Short-form video has taken over social media and we are leveraging this to highlight listings, the area, and more. These videos reach a broader audience, have higher engagement, and lead to more views on the listing page maximizing the listing's exposure. Check out our top-performing videos of 2022 below.

1. Just Sold: Isle La Motte Farmhouse

This first video was shared on Instagram to celebrate a recent closing. It highlights a charming farmhouse in Isle La Motte that was very popular among viewers. It reached over 11,000 people and received 307 likes.  

2. Farmhouse Appreciation

This Farmhouse Appreciation video was meant to highlight a listing. This home was extensively renovated and it came out beautifully while maintaining the original character of a Vermont farmhouse. It reached over 10,000 people and received 197 likes. 

3. Wait Till You See The Waterslide

The last video is another listing video to highlight a feature of the home. This unique home is an outdoor recreation enthusiast's dream with an in-ground pool with a waterslide, recreational trails, a pond, and a rec cabin. The video reached over 7,000 people and received 184 likes. 


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