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Island Insights: Insider Tips to Investing in a Lakefront Property

Insider Tips For Investing in A Lakefront Property

 Are you considering purchasing a waterfront property? Buying lakefront real estate can be an exciting and rewarding investment, but it also requires careful consideration due to its unique characteristics and potential challenges. These insider tips from the lakeshore experts to help you make an informed decision when buying or selling a lakefront property:

  • Research the Location

Investigate the lake and its surroundings. Consider factors like water quality, proximity to amenities, and accessibility to the water. A property with stunning views, a primo beach, and nearby attractions will likely be more desirable to other home buyers and could have a higher resale value.

  • Plan Your Waterfront Use

Do you have a boat and would like a dock, mooring, or boat launch? Are you an avid swimmer so water quality is important to you? Or are you just searching for the perfect water view? Deciding on your non-negotiables will help you narrow down what properties to look at. 

  • Determine the Type of Lake Access

In the Lake Champlain Islands you will find deeded lake access, directly adjoining, or bisected lakefront. Lake access is shared among neighbors and the properties can be more affordable. Direct lakefront is directly adjoining the property. A bisected lakefront is when a road runs through the property.

Remember to take your time and carefully assess your needs and priorities when looking at a waterfront property. Purchasing lakefront real estate can be a fantastic investment, providing years of enjoyment and potential appreciation if you make well-informed decisions.

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