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Navigating the Northwest Vermont Real Estate Market: Trends For November 2023

November 2023 Real Estate Market Trends For Northwest Vermont

Hello, savvy homeowners and prospective buyers! Welcome back to our insightful journey through the vibrant landscape of Northwest Vermont's real estate market. Today, we're diving deep into the latest statistics for November 2023. These insights provide you with the tools to make informed decisions, whether you're buying or selling a home in Grand Isle, Chittenden, or Franklin County.

1. Median Sales Price: $475,000

Let's kick things off with the heartbeat of the real estate market—the median sales price. At $475,000, we're holding steady with no decrease from the previous month and a notable 5.6% increase from November 2022. Why is this crucial? For sellers, it signifies a healthy appreciation in property values, showcasing the potential for a lucrative sale. Buyers, on the other hand, might find it helpful to identify opportunities for wise investments and future growth.

2. Closed Sales: 129

While the number of closed sales slipped by 15.7% from the previous month and 16.8% from last November, let's not hit the panic button just yet. Real estate often has its seasonal dance, and this slight dip could be a reflection of the colder Vermont months setting in. For buyers, it might mean a chance to find motivated sellers, while sellers should consider strategic pricing and marketing to attract serious buyers.

3. Median Days On Market: 8

Time is money, especially in the real estate world. The Median Days On Market dropping by 11.1% from the previous month and staying at 8 days compared to November 2022 is a testament to the swift pace of the market. For sellers, it underscores the importance of pricing your home right, while for buyers, it's a gentle nudge to act decisively in a market where well-priced homes are in high demand.

4. List Price Received: 101%

Getting your property's price spot-on is an art, and November 2023 shows sellers receiving, on average, 101% of their list price. Yes, there's a tiny 0.1% dip from the previous month and a 0.4% decrease from November 2022, but let's keep it in perspective—this is still a strong indicator of a market where well-priced homes are valued and appreciated. Sellers take note; buyers, be prepared for a market that recognizes and rewards quality properties.

5. Active Inventory: 206

Active inventory—something that both buyers and sellers should keep a keen eye on. At 206 homes, we're looking at a 14.2% decrease from the previous month and a 1.4% decrease from November 2022. What does this mean? For buyers, a lower inventory can mean increased competition, so be ready to act swiftly. Sellers take advantage of this by ensuring your property stands out in a slightly less crowded field.


Chittenden County:

  • Active Inventory = 112
  • Median Sales Price = $545,500
  • Median Days On Market = 7
  • Closed Sales = 80
  • List Price Received = 101%

Franklin County:

  • Active Inventory = 70
  • Median Sales Price = $363,500
  • Median Days On Market = 8
  • Closed Sales = 32
  • List Price Received = 100.8%

Grand Isle County:

  • Active Inventory = 24
  • Median Sales Price = $600,000
  • Median Days On Market = 25
  • Closed Sales = 17
  • List Price Received = 98%

In conclusion, these statistics serve as a compass in your real estate journey, guiding both buyers and sellers through the nuances of the Northwest Vermont market. Whether you're planning to sell your home or looking to find your dream property, understanding these trends and partnering with a local real estate professional is key to making informed decisions. 

Ready to dive deeper into your local market? Our expert team is here to provide you with a personalized market analysis. Discover the opportunities waiting for you in your area—get in touch with us today!


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