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10 Must-Do Home Maintenance Tasks for March

Home Maintenance checklist for Vermont homes

Regular home maintenance is essential for keeping your home in good condition and preventing costly repairs. March is an ideal time to tackle critical maintenance tasks as the Vermont winter weather recurs and warmer weather is just around the corner. By taking care of crucial maintenance tasks early, you can ensure that your Vermont home is in top shape and ready to face the elements in the coming seasons. 

1. Check your gutters and downspouts

Make sure they are clear of debris and properly attached to your home. Check for any damage or leaks that may have occurred over the winter.

2. Inspect your roof

Look for any signs of damage or wear, such as missing or damaged shingles, cracks in the chimney, or leaks in the attic. Arrange for repairs if necessary.

3. Test your sump pump 

If you have a basement, test your sump pump to ensure it is working properly. You don't want to find out it's not working during the spring thaw.

4. Check the siding for damage

The weather can take a toll on the exterior of your home. Inspect your siding and look for any cracks, warping, rot and pest invasion. There could be underlying problems so get a professional opinion if you’re unsure. 

5. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace any batteries if needed.

6. Clean and inspect your dryer vent

 Lint build-up in your dryer vent can be a fire hazard. Clean out your dryer vent and inspect it for any damage.

7. Check your foundation

 Inspect your foundation for any cracks or damage that may have occurred over the winter.

8. Scan your windows and doors

Check your windows and doors for any drafts or leaks. Replace any damaged weatherstripping or caulking.

9. Clean and maintain your outdoor equipment

If you have outdoor equipment like lawnmowers or trimmers, clean them up and perform any necessary maintenance before the grass starts growing again.

10. Examine your pipes for damage

As the weather starts to warm up, frozen pipes may start to thaw and potentially cause leaks. Check all pipes for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks or bulges. If you find any damage, arrange for repairs immediately to prevent water damage to your home.

Being proactive and completing these critical home tasks can save time, money, and stress in the long run. Also, it is essential to do home maintenance when preparing to sell because a well-maintained home can attract more buyers and increase the value of your property. Completing necessary repairs and maintenance before listing allows you to avoid surprises during the home inspection and negotiate from a position of strength. Furthermore, it gives buyers confidence that they are making a sound investment into a move-in-ready property. For more home maintenance tips or advice on what to do before you list this spring, contact a Coldwell Banker Islands Realty Agent.

Hidden Home: Private Retreat in South Hero, Vermont

This month's featured hidden home is located down a tree-lined driveway in South Hero, Vermont. Here you will find this completely private retreat nestled in the woods.  The unique "treehouse" designed home is set on 10.1 acres and includes walking trails all just steps from the west shore views.

(Note: This home is not for sale it sold in Summer of 2022)

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5 Curb Appeal Tips for the Fall Selling Season

Curb Appeal Tips for Vermont Fall Selling Season

Curb appeal plays a huge part in getting buyers through the door in the fall selling season. While the flowers are fading and the cold weather sets in, it doesn’t mean it is time to abandon your outdoor spaces! Take advantage of the fall ambiance and use these tips to attract potential buyers.

Vermont Home Selling Curb Appeal Tricks

1. Pressure Wash & Paint

Pressure washing will clear any debris and dirt from the home's exterior. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or trim for a quick transformation.

Selling Vermont Real Estate Front Door Curb Appeal

2. Refresh Your Old Hardware

Replacing the doorknob and purchasing new house numbers is an affordable yet impactful way to take your home’s exterior appeal to the next level.

Fall Home Selling Vermont House Curb Appeal

3. Add Outdoor Decor

Pick up some pumpkins or mums to draw the eye to your front entrance. Remember to complement your home's style, but less is often more when decorating.  

Vermont Fall Home Maintenance

4. Clean the Gutters

Clearing out the gutters is both visually appealing and essential for home maintenance. This task prevents water damage, rot, and a place for pests to nest, and it helps the overall lifespan of the roof and foundation. 

Night Curb Appeal Vermont Real Estate

5. Keep it Light

As the sun drops earlier, outdoor lighting will help improve your nighttime curb appeal.  Add some warm outdoor lights, such as solar lights, near your walkway, or clean your existing lighting.  


This fall remains a great time to sell your Vermont home. These curb appeal tricks will help you to create a warm and welcoming home to get your home noticed faster. Selling a home is complicated, but our agents at Coldwell Banker Islands Realty is here to guide you through every step. 



Hidden Home: Unique Vermont Barn Conversion Home

April's hidden home closed this past summer. Enjoy an inside look at this unique barn conversion home covertly located in the quiet town of Isle La Motte that we had the pleasure of representing.This lakefront barn conversion is located in a peaceful setting on 3.8 acres with direct gradual lake frontage on Lake Champlain. The home has been updated throughout with a rustic eclectic style featuring an open floor plan, exposed beams, sliding barn doors, and a sleek modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and custom wine bar.

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(This home is NOT for sale)

Hidden Home: Renovated Contemporary Vermont Home

Who else is dreaming of this Champlain Islands Contemporary as forever home? March's hidden home recently closed in February. It is a covert home with truly panoramic views of Lake Champlain and the Green and Adirondack Mountains. Watch to see the some of the best views in the Champlain Islands! 

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(This home is NOT for sale) 

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